Home Schooling

Homeschooling is the education of your child at home, by our expert tutors, rather than in other formal settings of private schools. The main reason for homeschooling is the dissatisfaction with academic instruction at private schools. Homeschooling is also a way of helping your child learn, in specific circumstances.

Our trained tutors have the talent to identify the different learning abilities of your child and guide and mentor her/him to truly appreciate and understand the subject.

We offer to homeschool for IGCSE (X), AS and A-level. We do not have any branches outside of our main office in Mumbai.  

The homeschooling program is only offered online and for Mathematics, Economics and Business Studies. 

CAIE (www.cie.org.uk)

The University of Cambridge is the most established and the biggest International Examination Board, conducting exams for 2.5 million students a year in 158 nations. The CAIE program is led according to the International syllabus, under the strict structure of the University of Cambridge, with examination papers sent and marked by the CAIE.

CAIE qualifications are acknowledged and recognized by universities, education providers and employers across the world. CAIE has created and promoted qualification around the world for almost 150 years.

Five important features of the IGCSE are:
  • IGCSE is an examination conducted at an international level with a worldwide status and credibility.
  • At an International Level - IGCSE is comparable to British GCSE & International O level.
  • IGCSE caters to different levels of ability with a choice between core and extended papers in many subjects, thereby being inclusive to children with different abilities.
  • IGCSE studies are quite similar to Indian syllabus and pattern. The education department will endorse the transfer certificate if all formalities are completed by the earlier school.
  • The IGCSE program is recognized by schools and universities around the world. It is recognized by CBSE, CISCE and state education boards across India as a viable qualification for entry to class XI or for other higher secondary education courses.
A Level

All Indian Universities accept 'A' level qualifications. Admission to Indian higher education institutions (universities and colleges) is open to those who have passed a senior secondary school examination after twelve years (10+2 of Indian system) of schooling. The Examinations include the Senior School Certificate Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), India and The Higher/Senior Secondary School Examinations conducted by the State Boards of Secondary Education in India. Foreign and international examinations that are deemed equivalent are also accepted. These include O Levels, IGCSE and A Levels from University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Board.

According to the AIU (Association of Indian Universities), 5 (five) passes at IGCSE in Grade A*, A, B, C and at least 2 (two) passes at A level examination (XII) of the British examining bodies is equivalent to 2 + (HSC) stage qualification, which is the minimum eligibility requirement for admission to Bachelor's degree program at Indian Universities. However, note that the subject requirements for admission in higher education programs in India may differ as per the course.

Course: Professional IGCSE A Level
Engineering 5 subjects with minimum grade C in each. Passes Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with minimum 50% in each subject. English AS or A level may be required.
Medical or Dental Science 5 subjects with minimum grade C in each. Passes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with minimum 50% in each subject. English AS or A level may be required.
Architecture 5 subjects with minimum grade C in each. Passes Mathematics and any one other A level subject with minimum 50%.
# The above requirements will make the students eligible for CET.
Course: Non-professional IGCSE A Level
Science: 5 subjects with minimum grade C in each.  
Mathematics and Computer Science   Passes Physics and Mathematics.
Biology Group   Passes Chemistry and Biology.
Pharmacy   Passes Chemistry and Mathematics and AS Level in Physics or Biology.
Commerce 5 subjects with minimum grade C in each. Should pass Mathematics.  Economics/Business Studies/Accounting and one more subject.
Arts 5 subjects with minimum grade C in each. Passes Mathematics and any two other A level subjects.
# The above are minimum entry requirements are the courses.
# English AS or A level may be required.