American Universities want to know whether you go out of your way and challenge yourself academically by participating in competitions, exams, tests and bench mark against international students. They ask you to demonstrate that in your college application.

Typical American high school student writes close to 13 such exams in 4 years (9 to 12 grades).

Honors exams are academic competitions and examinations organized by North American Universities and Professional Organizations based in North America for high school students.

When applying to North American Universities, students can include details of these examinations in The Common Application.


For Spring 201X or Fall 201X Enrollment
Honors Briefly list any academic distinctions or honors you have received since the 9th grade or international equivalent (e.g,. National Merit, Cum Laude Society).
S(School) S/R(State or Regional) N(National) I(International)

Why to participate in Honors examinations:

  • to challenge yourself and your problem solving skills
  • to prepare for university studies
  • to demonstrate that you have a sufficient academic background to enter university programs, especially useful in cases where the university may be unfamiliar with an education system and unable to assess an applicant's academic background
  • to be eligible for an entrance scholarship in North American Universities

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