• Akshay Arora,Ecole Mondiale World School

    I saw tremendous improvement in me after I joined Edukraft. The experience was simply brilliant and the support was very strong. I owe my IB Diploma to Edukraft.

  • Pratik Gaba,Jamnabai Narsee School

    Edukraft is a one stop solution for all your requirements for an international education. They have the best teachers and counselors.

    These people know exactly what is required for a student to succeed and they not only guide them but also make the journey enjoyable. I have never seen anything like this before.

  • Sohom Bhowmick,SVKM

    Edukraft is responsible for what I'm today. They handled my IB Diploma and University admission.

    I received tremendous support from the teachers and education counsellor of Edukraft. My parents are very happy with the way Edukraft crafted my path to success.

  • Kunal Shah,Dhirubhai Ambani International School

    Edukraft is the perfect place for IG and IB tutoring and Counselling.Learning in small groups is fun yet challenging and an excellent teacher body helped me throughout my IB program.

    Edukraft also trained me for ACT and Honors exams which helped me in strengthening my US university applications.

  • Neev Mehta,Jamnabai Narsee School

    The teachers are truly friendly and supportive and the teaching is interactive so my learning was very effective.

    I would personally want to thank the teachers for all their diligent work and let them know that I enormously appreciate all their efforts.

  • Akanksha Chaturvedi,Ecole Mondiale World School

    Teachers at Edukraft are talented and very patient. They make a subject as simple as possible, fun and educational for their students.

    They treat their students as their own children and make sure no one is left behind.

  • Tarini Sawant,Ecole Mondiale World School

    I just wanted to write and thank you for the amazing things I learnt at Edukraft.

    The environment at Edukraft is so positive and the teachers are friendly and very professional.

  • Shom Hinduja,Ecole Mondiale World School

    Teachers at Edukraft are exceptionally supportive and friendly. They are like family. Edukraft is one of the best, excuse me, THE BEST, IG and IB tutoring center in Mumbai.

  • Krisha Parekh,Dhirubhai Ambani International School

    The teachers are really kind and have a lot of patience. They explain everything until we understand and never give up... I am sure it was the best choice I made.

  • Devanshi Desai,Ecole Mondiale World School

    My Math was not very great, yet now I can see my improvement in the subject.

    The environment at Edukraft is awesome and helps you to succeed in your studies. The Math teacher has great experience. Edukraft is certainly the best place to study if you want to be successful.

  • Simran Aggarwal,Singapore International School

    I had a very long association with Edukraft teachers. I started tutoring with them when I was in grade VIII. I have very fond memories of Edukraft.

    I used to love going to their center and learn. Now a days I miss being at Edukraft. I completed my IBDP this year. I thank all the teachers at Edukraft for supporting and guiding me throughout my school years.

  • Anisha Godwani,Jamnabai Narsee School

    I had a great time at Edukraft !

    Edukraft had a great maths teacher and he helped me a lot though my IBDP SL maths. His lessons were fun but at the same time productive and serious. He helped with my maths internal assessment as well. 

  • Sachi Master,Ecole Mondiale World School

    I studied four subjects at Edukraft; Math, Economics, Business Management and Chemistry.


    I received all the support from the teachers. They helped me with my internal assessment and prepared me for the final exams. The teachers are friendly and yet they know how to get work out of their students. I strongly recommend Edukraft.

  • Adreet Agrawal,D Y Patil International School

    Edukraft is a great place to study for IBDP, ACT and SAT Subjects. I had a great time with loads of learning from well informed teachers.  What I admire the most about Edukraft is the support I received from everyone. I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have achieved without the caring environment. When things got difficult, I reached out for support and always felt it made a great difference. When I approached the teachers for assistance, they never failed to help me. I strongly recommend Edukraft!